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Posted on August 21, 2017

‘The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effectthat is greater than the sum of the individual elements’. This is the definition of synergy, something that we frequently come across within our everyday lives.

Sometimes it affects us in incredible ways, such as meeting the person you want to spend your life with, or discovering an unknown talent you never knew you had. However it can also be smaller things that you wouldn’t normally pay attention to, but impact your life none the less.

However there are times where synergy can be found in the least likely of places.

A great example of this could be with our collection of Rattan Chairs.

Now of course on their own these fantastic chairs would be great within the dining room and even as additional seating within the living room or study.

However we feel that our collection of Rattan Dining Chairs are at their best when combined with our Mango Dining Tables.

But what is it that creates this unique look and synergy, what is it that makes this particular combination just click.

So let’s take a look at the individual elements to begin with.

First each of our Rattan Dining Chairs is hand woven from natural banana leaf fibers, which is based upon a Solid Wood Frame for added durability and dependability. This also allows for a variety of Rattan based designs, including the Havana, Rollback, Croco and Salsa designs.

Then we have the Mango Dining Table, which is naturally sourced from India and hand crafted into a practical yet charming piece of design. Along with this natural charm each table is available in either a light or Mango Dark wood finish.

Alone these items are fantastic, however when combined the chemistry between the tables Natural Wood grooves and knots and the distinctive tone and warmth of the Rattan seat is a match that demonstrates how effective true synergy can be.