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Staring at a Blank Sheet

Posted on September 27, 2017

Staring at a Blank Sheet

Well here we are just me, a keyboard and a blank sheet of paper right in front of me. This is something that many writers come across, be it starting your final university assignment, to a work report to a blog like the one you’re reading now.

In fact this is the most challenging aspect of being a writer, as once you start your writing everything is fine and underway. However its getting those first few lines going that will often cause the difficulty.

So in these moments of creative road blocking, what should you do?

Well for me the best thing is always to find a state of relaxation, which the first step is to get away from the computer, as this is where the anxiety and the intimidation comes from.

So I always head down to my dining room (or in my current situation the canteen at work), grab a cappuccino and lean back in a Rattan Dining Chair, allowing the warming drink and soothing comfort of the Banana Leaf Rattan to unlock my creativity and in a sense put things into perspective.

In fact you can even take this one step further, as when you’re done with your drink you can always pick up the lightweight and flexible Rattan Dining Chair and take it up to your study, allowing you to write in unmatched comfort.

The irony of this blog is that all this talk of inspiring yourself with the aid of a Rattan Rollback Dining Chair and a warm drink has allowed me to break past the infamous ‘blank page phase’ and give this week’s blog a structure and meaning.

It also allows me to share with you our wonderful Rattan Chairs, with their hand woven Banana Leaf Seats available in a number of styles and variations including Salsa and Rattan Rollback designs.