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Marching on together!

Posted on July 5, 2018

England Football Badge

Good morning fellow readers, so who managed to catch the world cup on Sunday of England v Columbia? If you didn’t beware of the score line to be further down; although you probably have already heard anyway!

Well, what a game it was England they certainly did perform to the best of their capabilities despite being frustrated with some of Columbia’s ‘strange’ tactics not getting in their way. Although, I’ll be completely honest I’m surprised they didn’t react the way I thought they would, didn’t you?

Now, we have got that out of the way let’s discuss the game. Columbia scoring near the closing minutes of the game was definitely a crucial moment, meaning we had to enter the deadly extra time stage and if nothing happened it would then get even worse… penalty shoot outs.

Believe it or not the penalty shootouts did happen and oh boy was it sending a shock down every England fan’s spine with each moment the penalty being taken the pain getting worse. When sitting at your Rattan Chair watching the game on your TV screen with the games’ atmosphere spurting out it almost felt like you was there.

After the game had finished, the sudden rush of realisation that England had made it to the next round was extremely overwhelming not just for me but all the other fans too. About 10 minutes from the enormous win, I decided to head out to the shops for my supper.

Whilst I was out and about everyone was outside screaming, making as much noise as they possibly could. It’s very easy to say that the scenes that night in the UK was phenomenal.

So, as you can tell what a day Sunday was and how much it has meant to us England supporters making the quarter finals.