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Losing That Buzz

Posted on February 20, 2018

Losing That Buzz

Whenever we seem to get something new, we always get that little tingly feeling in our brains. It’s basically our emotions going ‘ohhh something new’ hence our curiosity and interest in our new discovery.

This can be anything from seeing a new flavour of cola on your way to work, seeing a billboard for the next huge blockbuster, even simple things like a new pen.

That initial buzz you get peaks your interest and keep you engaged for longer.

However this buzz can vary between different things.

The buzz you get from biting into a new McDonalds big mac is instantaneous however is over very quickly. Yet with things such as movies and video games the buzz lasts a lot longer, thanks to the initial experience along with the nostalgia that comes along with it.

However there are moments where the buzz can wear off some things after a while and that initial excitement is replaced by mundane and monotony.

One thing that is very susceptible to such a thing is the common dining chair.

Its problem is that after that initial first meal sat on your lovely new dining chair, you have experienced everything that it has to offer. Therefore everything beyond that just becomes less exciting and more predictable.

But how do you inject life into such a thing? Not only that, how to you keep it from becoming mundane.

Well our collection of Rattan Chairs might just do the trick.

See each and every one of our Rattan Dining Chairs is hand woven using natural banana leaf rattan fibres. These are woven around a solid wood frame creating an unmistakable look and feel which is unrivalled by anything else.

Just sitting down and feeling the creeks and crackles your Rollback Rattan Dining Chair will make is an experience in itself that will never get old.

This is because it always feels like a unique experience and as such never gets old.