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Favourite Part of Christmas!

Posted on December 10, 2018

Pigs in Blankets

Good Morning Readers of the Rattan Chairs blog, it’s a cold one today isn’t it? Yesterday reports were saying that temperatures was going to reach -5 today, luckily it’s not as bad as that here but nevertheless it is still bitterly cold. Anyway have you been busy this weekend? Have you been doing any last minute Christmas, well saying that do you class this as last minute? In my opinion last minute would be Christmas Eve or the weekend before. That might just be for my household because we’re fairly unorganised. I know that my mum and dad haven’t got my Christmas present yet as I haven’t even told them what I want. You may be calling me stupid because I’m not leaving them a lot of time to get me this, but I simply don’t know what I want.

As you get older both buying and receiving presents become harder. I have no idea what I want and what other people want me to get them. However Christmas shouldn’t be about the presents anyway. It should be about the family and everybody eating dinner around the Mango 220cm Dining Table & 8 Rattan Chairs. I’m only joking presents do matter as that is why everybody looks forward to Christmas however spending time with your family is important as well.

What do you do for Christmas dinner? Every year I go to my grandmas and she cooks a large banquet for all of the family, including buckets full of pigs in blankets. They definitely are my favourite Christmas food, bacon wrapped in sausage. What could go wrong?

Anyway that has been today’s Rattan Chairs blog, I hope that you have all had a good time reading this and it has made you want pigs in blankets now, because I certainly have. Come back soon for the next blog.