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Do The Twist

Posted on October 13, 2017

Do The Twist

Rattan Furniture design is one of the most beautiful and inspiring ways to inject natural charm into your home. From the living room though to the bedroom, there are near endless opportunities for a Rattan feature for your home.

This potential is thanks largely to the Banana Leaf Rattan Fibres that form each piece of Rattan Furniture here, with the fibres being woven and twisted around a Solid Wood Frame.

As such there are a number of home essentials that can come from this relatively simple source.

For starters there is our collection of hand woven Rattan Baskets. Offering a practical yet unobtrusive home storage solution, our Rattan Wicker Baskets come in a number of styles and configurations. This ranges from your standard square basket, though to a magazine and even a Rattan Log Basket. Due to the durable and dependable nature of Rattan, each basket can be used for a number of home accessories such as books, DVD’s, stationary, cosmetics and much more.

Along with this there is our staggering collection of Rattan Dining Chairs, which demonstrate the creative flexibility that Rattan Furniture design is known for. Each chairs Banana Leaf Rattan Fibres are traditionally hand woven around a Solid Wood Chair Frame, chosen for its time honoured dependability and strength.

This dependable structure also allows experimentation with a number Do The Twistof Rattan Chair designs. From the traditional Havana Rattan Chairs through to the exotic Salsa and the renowned Rollback Rattan Dining Chairs all ideal to fit your dining room theme.

However despite being amazing pieces in their own right, our Rattan Furniture Range is at its best when combined with other natural furniture pieces. For instance our Rattan Dining Chairs perfectly compliment the wood found within our Mango Dining Tables. Another example is with our Rattan Baskets, which can be used as complimentary feature for a number of our Sheesham Coffee Tables or Dakota Bookcases.