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Breakfast, The Best Meal of the Day!

Posted on January 9, 2019

Full english breakfast

Good Morning Readers of the Rattan Chairs blog, I hope you have had a good start of the day on this gloomy Tuesday morning.  I am motivated today I came into the office with a large smile after having a wonderful breakfast this morning which I ate on the Jali 180cm Sheesham Dining Table & 6 Rattan Chairs.

Well anyway it has got me wanting a fry up breakfast. This has made me have a debate myself on what the perfect breakfast is. Nowadays there are many options for breakfast so everybody’s opinion will be different.

I would say that in my opinion the best breakfast would have to be a Full English with a few things missing due to personal preference. This would include a double serving of bacon and sausages, eggs, beans, toast and a nice, hot cup of tea with it. Whereas my colleague’s perfect breakfast would consist of; bacon, eggs, chopped tomatoes, sausages, fried bread and toast with coffee to wash it down.

This is because everybody’s opinion is different and he may like more things than me. But this Friday we are going to go to the shop near our office and order a takeaway breakfast box. This has become our Friday tradition where we go to the local sandwich shop and get something to eat; this is all depending on the weather though.

Do you have any traditions like this at your workplace? Or do you just go whenever you want? Please let me know. Well anyway that has been todays Rattan Chairs blog, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and I hope that it hasn’t made you as hungry as it has made me, because I am now absolutely starving? Anyway come back soon for the next blog, have a great day, Goodbye!