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All about the EU referendum!

Posted on September 24, 2018

United Kingdom flag.

Good morning fellow readers, the weekend is now over and we are back to normal once again. Before we start with today’s topic I hope that you have had a great relaxing weekend off.

So let’s get straight into today’s topic which is all about the BREXIT referendum. That’s correct the process still hasn’t even well and truly begun yet with the negotiations still looking to be at a complete stand still. Now, reports are saying that some of the members of parliament are wanting for there to be another EU referendum, however if this does ever go ahead I don’t think it will go down well at all.

I don’t really like getting too deep into politics with it being such a debatable area, but with me seeing recent reports lately I thought I’d give you a small insight into what’s currently going on. So in short and basic terms the UK is wanting a completely different relationship with the EU with certain rules we had with them to be changed whereas the EU don’t want to change the communication between each other too dramatically.

So which side is right and which side is wrong? Well, to be completely honest there isn’t really an answer to that one with negotiations being the main point of either party collecting a reasonable and sensible outcome which can see them both prosper. By now in a business the contracts would have already been reviewed, however with this being about a whole country taking time and ensuring everything agreed upon suits your needs is highly essential.

Anyway, enough of politics for one day, I shall see you all back here again at Rattan Chairs for the next daily blog. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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