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A Terrible Situation.

Posted on June 14, 2019

Boy and Girl Fighting

Hi everyone! Welcome to another fantastic blog. Today I am going to be talking about a terrible situation, as we all have so many don’t we?

Now, it wasn’t actually completely terrible, but it was definitely a shock. As you probably know, reader, we all have done some silly things as children, and this one I noticed last week definitely takes top spot. At my home, our entire house is filled with Rattan Furniture because we just love the Natural Furniture look – we can’t get over it.

So I have explained how all my rooms have Rattan Baskets along other things. Anyway, it was a rainy Saturday so we were all inside feeling miserable. Everybody was on edge – especially my cousins. They are 10 and 7, the perfect age for fighting and arguing.

Of course this was bound to happen, especially when one of them grabbed a plastic cup and bounced it onto the others head… It was like a volcano had erupted; my Rattan Round Log Basket flew across the room and barely missed the youngests head.

Luckily, my baskets were okay and without even a single scratch due to their durable material. But this story doesn’t even end there. The 7 year old now knew it was quite possibly a bad idea to pick on his big sister! She chased him through the dining room, past the Light Dakota 120cm Pyramid Dining Table & 4 Rattan Chairs, up the stairs narrowly avoiding the Rattan Oval Goci Baskets and into the spare bedroom.

He was cornered, and like anybody would do in that situation, he begged for mercy. We were all downstairs listening to this, and wondering what she was going to do. Now, my 7 year old cousin is very small with thin legs, so she grabbed the Rattan Rectangular Log Basket, shoved him in it with his legs crossed and pushed him down the carpeted stairs.


Let’s just say, he needed quite a few cuddles and we will definitely be going outside on the next rainy Saturday! Have a good weekend reader and I hope you enjoyed this blog.